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Fristch PULVERISETTE 9 vibratory cup and puck mill

PULVERISETTE 9 vibratory cup mill

The FRITSCH PULVERISETTE 9 Vibrating Cup Mill operates on the principle that the grinding set is fixed on a freely vibrating structure and the grinding media (the disc and the ring(s)) inside the grinding set are accelerated by centrifugal force. The sample material is milled by a combination of impact and friction forces, which depending on the material can reduce the particle size down to 10-20µm.

Grinding sets for this instrument are made of agate, zirconium oxide, tempered steel or tungsten carbide. These are closed and sealed in the vibrating cup mill during operation. This prevents losses during either wet or dry milling. Rotation speeds from 600 to 1,150rpm can be selected in steps of 50rpm.

The PULVERISETTE 9 may be used to prepare samples with a maximum feed size of 12mm depending on the feed size, and process up to 250ml sample volumes at a time.

This mill is supplied without a grinding set, which must be purchased separately as an essential accessory. The following grinding sets are available: tempered steel in 250ml, 100ml and 50ml, hard metal tungsten carbide in 250ml, 100ml and 50ml, agate in 100ml and 50ml, and zirconium oxide in 100ml.

The PULVERISETTE 9 is a freestanding unit. The grinding set slides in and out of the instrument to prevent bending when loading the instrument. For ease of use, the grinding set is mounted on a plate with handles on each side, which enables comfortable and easy location and loading of the vibrating cup mill, prior to milling.

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Order No. Description:
09.4000.00 Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9
Technical Data
Dimensions cm 72 x 66 x 120 (W x D x H), 1900W, 230V, 50/60Hz, and Weight 250Kg.




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